Disruption is everywhere. A new technology makes all previous solutions obsolete in the blink of an eye. Competition enchants your prospects and customers with the promise of a superior offer. Pandemic and panic drove humanity indoors and sent all companies back to the drawing board. Civil unrest across countries and clashes between cultures reshape budgets and distort sales cycles.

For enterprise salespeople, these challenges alter your job forever. Most are struggling to establish a new way to prospect, progress deals, negotiate, write contracts, and close sales. In Magical Selling, successful global sales leader Raju Bhupatiraju introduces an all-weather system that allows salespeople to see with clarity, adapt to change, achieve goals predictably, and thrive while others chase the “wait till things are back to normal” illusion. You’ll learn how to:


  • Identify winnable, high-value prospects quicker
  • Think like an investor to spend your time and effort wisely
  • Double (or triple) your conversion rate
  • Propel your career in the age of virtual selling
  • Make winning a habit

Unlike typical sales advice that is anecdotal, light on detail, and not applicable to most situations, Magical Selling is based on first principles and is written as an enterprise sales textbook with a unique level of depth, complexity, and relevance that enables readers to apply what they read to their unique situation with ease.


Whether you drive new business for a startup or manage sales teams at an established corporation, whether you work in a high-growth environment or are rebuilding an underperforming territory, whether you live in North America or Asia Pacific, Magical Selling shows you the new way to engineer enterprise sales success.

Magical Selling (Hardcopy)

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